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COVID-19 Help Information

COVID-19 testing options through the Student Health Center:

  1. Students with symptoms (such as cough, fever, etc.) may have an in-person visit in the Student Health Center, during which time a COVID-19 test may be performed.
  2. Alternately, students with symptoms may have a telemedicine visit, conducted by video, followed by a test during designated afternoon hours. Students with symptoms can be tested from 1 pm—3 pm, Monday - Friday, in the Bentley Lounge (room 130) in Gray Hall. (NOTE: Telemedicine is only available for students who are in Washington, DC and who have mild symptoms). 
  3. Students without symptoms (asymptomatic) may be tested without an appointment during designated hours, 10  am—12 pm, Monday through Friday, in the Bentley Lounge (room 130) in Gray Hall. During those hours, PCR tests (which test for an active infection) are provided.
  4. Students who wish to receive antibody testing (which evaluates for PAST infection only, not current illness) can receive it by making an in-person appointment.

COVID-19 Testing is also available via other sites in Washington, DC: 

For severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain, or if you have an Oxygen Saturation (measured on your O2 Sat monitor) of less than 94 %, please proceed to the nearest emergency room or call 911 for an ambulance. Students living in AU-managed housing should call 202-885-3636 to alert Public Safety.

COVID-19 Testing FAQs

If you do not have symptoms, you can receive a COVID-19 PCR test without an appointment by coming to Bentley Lounge (room 130) in Gray Hall from 10:00 am-12:00 pm Monday – Friday. A PCR test is a diagnostic test that shows if you have an active infection.

If you have symptoms and would like to be evaluated by a clinician, you should make an appointment with the Student Health Center by calling 202-885-3380 or scheduling online. If you have mild symptoms and prefer an initial telemedicine visit, you can call to schedule one, and then you will be advised when to come to the health center for your COVID-19 test.

If you have mild symptoms and just would like a COVID-19 test (without seeing a clinician) you can come to the Bentley Lounge (room 130) in Gray Hall from 1 pm – 3 pm Monday-Friday.


Results for the COVID-19 PCR tests (which diagnose active infection) may take 2-8 days.

You will receive an email or message through your portal.

If you have symptoms, you should quarantine in your apartment while awaiting your results. 

If you were asymptomatic when tested, you only need to quarantine if you develop symptoms while the test is pending.

You will be provided information on self-care, isolation procedures/timeline, and other instructions.

We provide nasal swab PCR tests (tests for current illness/infection) and antibody blood tests (tests indicating past infection). You can receive a PCR test through an appointment at the health center if you have symptoms or during walk in hours in Gray Hall if you don’t have symptoms or you have mild ones (see hours listed above). You must make an appointment at the health center for an antibody test.