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University Event Scheduling Enhancing the AU Experience, One Event at a Time

University Event Scheduling (UES) is one of the key teams that supports overall space scheduling AU.  In addition to scheduling spaces within the student center footprint, our core tasks include:

• Management and oversight of the central scheduling system (EMS) and AU scheduling cycles
• Scheduling coordination for all Major Events (i.e. Commencements, All-American Weekend, etc.)
• Support for all University scheduling offices, including backup scheduling support as needed
• Annual reporting on University-wide space use
• And event scheduling services for MANY event and instructional spaces across campus

At UES we have the rare privilege of seeing and supporting the strategic needs of the University at large, not just events.  With that in mind, we strongly support and advocate for policies, as well as clear and consistent processes and procedures, that enable fairness in the management and use of space.  Our goal is to help AU students, faculty and staff, use all available resources to produce events and other activities that enrich the student experience, and add depth to what it means to be part of the AU community.  

University Event Scheduling Resource Hub

Looking for event planning tools, campus contact information and EMS WebApp support? Log into the UES sharepoint site for the University Event Scheduling Resource Hub.



Event Scheduling Status

The University is currently permitting in-person events, with optional use of masks. However, the University reserves the right to require face masks at any time if conditions change. Questions? Please see current COVID policies at AU. 

Resource Hub

For event planning tools, campus contact information and EMS WebApp support, log into the UES sharepoint site:

University Event Scheduling Resource Hub