AUx1 (EDU 196) Course Themes

Theme 1: Welcome Eagles To The American University Experience (AUx)
  • Online Welcome: Your Summer Introduction
  • Class 1: Introduction to AUx
  • Class 2: Freedom of Expression in the Classroom & on Campus
  • Class 3: Learning About Campus Resources
Theme 2: Navigating Your First Year Inside & Outside the Classroom
  • Class 4: Building Academic Success
  • Class 5: Budgeting Wisely
  • Class 6: Health & Wellness
  • Class 7: Managing Your Time & Finding Balance
Theme 3: A Culture of Inclusion
  • Class 8: Exploring Identities
  • Class 9: Diversity, Bias, & Privilege
  • Class 10: Finding & Creating Community on Campus
  • Class 11: Understanding Your Rights & Responsibilities
Theme 4: Looking Ahead
  • Class 12: Setting Goals for Your AU Experience
  • Class 13: Defining Leadership & Success
  • Class 14: Reflecting Back & Looking Ahead

AUx1 Course Goals and Learning Outcomes

AUx1 course learning outcomes are achieved through online readings and videos, in-class learning and activities, reflective writing assignments, and separate individual and small group discussions with course Instructors, Peer Leaders, and classmates.

Goal #1: Students will learn the benefits of engagement with their new campus community.

Learning Outcome: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify policies, programs, and support resources at American University (including staff, faculty, and peers) and discuss how they can contribute to their academic success and personal well-being
  • Orient themselves to campus and begin to engage with AU's policies, programs and support resources
  • Apply knowledge-based skills (e.g., time management, self-care, task prioritization) to develop healthy habits, to embrace change, and to cope with the stresses that often accompany major life transitions

Goal #2: Students will explore their identities as young adults.

Learning Outcome: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore, define, and express their own identities, strengths, challenges, passions and goals orally and in writing
  • Prepare for future decision-making related to their academic course of study and career aspirations by applying critical thinking and transferable skills to develop realistic goals

Goal #3: Students will learn to become part of a diverse community.

Learning Outcome: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion and examine how those dimensions impact their and others' experiences at AU
  • Demonstrate empathy and respect for those whose experiences and opinions vary from their own
  • Practice respectful cross-cultural communication skills while effectively advocating for themselves and others

The Perch lounge in Anderson-Centennial Hall

Your AUx courses will be taught in lounges, rather than in traditional classroom spaces, encouraging dialogue and informal interaction