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Your Fall Course (AUx1)

Course Themes

Theme 1: Welcome Eagles To The American University Experience (AUx) 

  • August Online Welcome for Students & Parents
  • Writing Letter to Self: My Fears, Excitement and Expectations
  • Introduction to Your AUx Instructor, Peer Leader, and Classmates
  • Identifying Campus Resources: Your Social and Emotional Transition
Theme 2: Taking Flight- Navigating Your First Year 
  • Identifying Campus Resources: Your Academic Success
  • Time Management: How Do I Spend My 168?
  • Attend a Professor’s Office Hours
  • Embracing Change in Your New Community/Understanding Difference
Theme 3: Balance- Self & Relationships
  • Budgeting & Personal Finances
  • Outside My Comfort Zone: Attending Events on Campus
  • Communicating Across Difference: Race, Culture & Microaggressions
  • Strategies to Achieve Your Health and Wellness
Theme 4: Identities & Decision Making
  • Advocating for Yourself
  • Exploring and Expressing Who You Are
  • Cultural Competency: Understanding Privilege
  • Advocating for Others and Bystander Intervention
Theme 5: Looking Ahead- Defining Your Own Success
  • Setting Goals for Your American University Experience
  • Seeking Advice From an AU Professional
  • Everyday Leadership & Defining My Own Success
  • Eight Lessons from My First Semester

The Perch lounge in Anderson-Centennial Hall

Your AUx courses will be taught in lounges, rather than in traditional classroom spaces, encouraging dialogue and informal interaction

AUx1 Course Goals and Learning Outcomes

AUx1 course learning outcomes are achieved through online readings and videos, in-class learning and activities, reflective writing assignments, and separate individual and small group discussions with course Instructors, Peer Leaders, and classmates. 

Course Goal #1: Students Will Learn the Benefits of Engagement with Their New Campus Community

  • Learning Outcome: Students will identify policies, programs, and support resources at American University (including staff, faculty, and peers) and discuss how they can contribute to their academic success and personal well-being.
  • Learning Outcome: Students will orient themselves to campus and begin to engage with AU’s policies, programs and support resources.
  • Learning Outcome: Students will apply knowledge-based skills (e.g., time management, self-care, task prioritization) to develop healthy habits, to embrace change, and to cope with the stresses that often accompany major life transitions.

Course Goal #2: Students Will Explore Their Identities as Young Adults

  • Learning Outcome: Students will explore, define and express their own identities, strengths, challenges, passions and goals orally and in writing.
  • Learning Outcome: Students will prepare for future decision-making related to their academic course of study and career aspirations by applying critical thinking and transferable skills to develop realistic short- and long-term professional and academic goals.

Course Goal #3: Students Will Learn to Become Part of a Diverse Community

  • Learning Outcome: Students will analyze the multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion and examine how those dimensions impact their and others’ experiences at AU.
  • Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate empathy and respect for those whose experiences and opinions vary from their own.
  • Learning Outcome: Students will practice respectful cross-cultural communication skills while effectively advocating for themselves and others.