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Please be sure to peruse the Undergraduate Studies website to find about our unique General Education program for all American University undergraduates. Explore innovative and challenging living and learning programs in our AU Honors Program, Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program, Community-Based Research Scholars Program, AU Scholars Program, and in first-year communities in University College. Discover opportunities for international educational experiences in over 130 programs through AU Abroad. Learn how to develop career goals, decision-making skills, and internship and job search strategies at the Career Center. Be sure to explore the resources offered by the Office of Merit Awards to identify competitive scholarship opportunities.

Undergraduate Research

Our vision for all undergraduates is to embrace the value of research, professional, and creative productivity. In that spirit, we embed opportunities to develop innovative thinking in our undergraduate programs. Whatever your major, American University will help you step outside the classroom to offer your gifts to a broader world. Start by talking to professors who share your interests. They will help steer you toward a great project and toward funding for it. The following list of undergraduate academic competitions, research and funding opportunities is by no means exhaustive!

Undergraduate Conferences & Competitions

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