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Department of Art

The Department of Art at American University encompasses the creative activities of the fine arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and multimedia; the artistic applications of design; and theoretical and historical concerns of art history. We offer degree programs in art history, game design, graphic design, photography, and studio art, as well as an array of elective courses.

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We provide students with the tools to understand the historical and contemporary criteria for the making of art works; foster rigorous and unique investigation; promote an environment of enthusiasm, dedication, and intensive effort; and prepare students for careers in the arts.

Jae Ko, 流 (Flow), 2018. Recycled rolled paper, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Photo courtesy of Wavelength.

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New Year, New Exhibits at AU Museum

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AU Design Show 2021.

AU Design Show 2021

AU Design Club is proud to announce the reveal of the ⭐️ 2021 Design Show, an annual celebration of the best work from the GDES program, featuring work from students in classes from foundational to advanced. This year's virtual exhibition comprises 29 projects from 16 designers, with the submitted works scored and selected by a panel of local and international judges, including our notable GDES alums.

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