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Chemi Montes Associate Professor and Department Chair, Art CAS - Art

Chemi Montes’s professional experience includes designing for print, video and film graphics, and the web. Prior to and outside academic life, a combination of agency and freelance practice has allowe

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Art History Director

Andrea Pearson Professor CAS - Art

Dr. Andrea Pearson specializes in the visual culture of late medieval and early modern northern Europe, with research interests pertaining to women, gender, and sexuality in the southern Low Countries

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Graphic Design Director

Yana Sakellion Associate Professor CAS - Art

As a designer and an artist Yana works across mediums including graphic design, interactive media, and video. Her practice emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to making and conceptual inquiry, with

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Studio Art Graduate Co-Directors

Zoe Charlton Associate Professor CAS - Art

I have positioned my practice in the vein of social commentary. I make large scale figure drawings, primarily of women adorned with culturally loaded objects and covered in dense collaged landscapes.

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Tim Doud Professor CAS - Art

Tim Doud’s paintings and drawings address two seemingly distinct bodies of work, one figurative and one abstract. These bodies of works serve as a backdrop to broader discussions around constructed id

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Studio Art Undergraduate Director

Danielle Mysliwiec Associate Professor CAS - Art

Danielle Mysliwiec holds a BA from Wesleyan University and an MFA from Hunter College. Mysliwiec’s primary practice is focused on abstract painting. In addition, she co-founded the feminist performanc

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