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Year of Climate Action

Climate Challenge: Accepted

Climate change remains, in a world crowded with problems, this generation’s defining challenge. At AU we embrace such challenges. AU is committed to being a world leader in sustainability education, campus action, and knowledge production.

The 2022 Year of Climate Action will be designed to catapult AU to new levels of self-reflection, outreach, and engagement with climate change as an issue and with the communities that climate change touches.

The year will be based around programming and activities designed to strengthen and showcase AU’s commitment to meaningful action on climate change. AU is already deeply committed to and engaged with climate action. The year of climate action, to catalyze a changing of hearts on our campus and within the communities with which we work, will take advantage of historic and contemporary strengths in social activism and community-oriented research. AU is also uniquely positioned for innovation at the intersections between and among the arts, science, and policy, inflected by a clear headed focus on justice and equity considerations.

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Seeing Climate Change: Voices, Visions, Hope, Justice

November 5-7, 2021

American University is proud to host the first annual Seeing Climate Change symposium. Seeing Climate Change will bring together leading figures from the arts, sciences, and policy worlds to examine how best to understand and respond to human-induced global heating.