Information-Theoretic Methods of Inference

Conference Proceedings

Review Spring 2016 Conference Proceedings, including the presenter's materials.

Workshop Objectives and Topics

The objective of this workshop is to study new methods of statistical inference based on information-theoretic methods.

Info-metric and Information-Theoretic ideas are being applied in variety of disciplines, such as biology, ecology, economics, finance and physics (for examples see Fall 2014 conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Institute).

The Spring 2016 workshop focuses on the use of info-metric and information-theoretic ideas in the development and analysis of statistical models. The aims of the workshop are to provide a forum for the dissemination of new research in this area and also to stimulate discussion between researchers across fields.

The conference will consist of Invited Talks, Invited Sessions, and Submitted Papers.

Invited Speakers

Victor Chernozhukov (MIT)

Whitney Newey (MIT)

Eric Renault (Brown)

Conference Co-Chairs

Alastair Hall (University of Manchester)

Richard Smith (University of Cambridge)

Program Committee:

Jaap Abbring, Tilburg University
Marine Carrasco, Université de Montréal
Min Chen, University of Oxford
Prosper Dovonon, Concordia University
John Harte, UC Berkeley
Atsushi Inoue, Vanderbilt University
Yuichi Kitamura, Yale University
Frank Kleibergen, University of Amsterdam
Gary Koop, University of Strathclyde
Siem Jan Koopman, Free University Amsterdam
Dennis Kristensen, University College London
Sokbae Lee, Seoul National University
Oliver Linton, University of Cambridge
Alexei Onatski, University of Cambridge
Chris Orme, University of Manchester
Taisuke Otsu, London School of Economics
Werner Ploberger, Washington University
Jeff Racine, McMaster University
Adam Rosen, University College London
Barbara Rossi, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Mark Steel, University of Warwick
Robert Taylor, University of Essex
Ximing Wu, Texas A&M University



April 1-2, 2016
Clare College, Cambridge, UK


US Comptroller of the Currency
University of Cambridge
AU College of Arts & Sciences
The Manchester School