Department of Economics

Offering graduate and undergraduate programs in general economics, development economics, gender analysis in economics, financial economic policy, applied economics, and international economics.


Selected Publications

Meurs, Mieke and Rita Ismaylov (2019). Improving Assessments of Gender Bargaining Power: A Case Study from Bangladesh, Feminist Economics 25(1).

Yesuf, Mahmud and Randall Bluffstone (2019). Consumption Discount Rates, Risk Aversion and Wealth in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural Ethiopia, Journal of African Economies, Volume 28, Issue 1.

Leight J, Sharma V, Brown W, Costica L, Abdulaziz Sule F, Bjorkman Nyqvist M (2018). Associations between birth kit use and maternal and neonatal health outcomes in rural Jigawa state, Nigeria: A secondary analysis of data from a cluster randomized controlled trial. PLoS ONE 13(12): e0208885.

Ozturk, E. and X.S. Sheng (2018). Measuring Global and Country-specific Uncertainty. Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 88, pp. 276-295.

Golan, A. “Info-Metrics for Modeling and Inference,” Minds & Machines (2018) 28: 787.

Isaac, Alan (2018)“Exploring the Social-Architecture Model”, Eastern Economic Journal.

Feinberg, Robert and Daniel Kuehn (2018). “Guaranteed Non-Labor Income and Labor Supply: The Effect of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend,”, BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 18, No. 3.

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New Hub for Care Work Research Network

Maria Floro at the First Care Work and the Economy Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany. Credit: Konstantin Borner.The AU Economics Department has launched the $2.1 million Hewlett Foundation and Open Society Foundations-funded Care Work and the Economy (CWE-GAM) Project. The project establishes AU as the hub of an international network of over 30 interdisciplinary researchers interested in enhancing the methods and tools used for exploring, measuring, and analyzing policies related to care work. Partners include Seoul National University and the LEVY Economics Institute.

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Year One Done

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First Generation, Next Generation: Yami Payano Organizes and Connects

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A Career in Economics: It's Much More than You Think


Much more than finance, banking, business and government, a degree in economics is useful to all individuals and can lead to many interesting career choices. These four diverse individuals offer their insights on how a background in economics can be a tool for solving very human problems.