Department of Economics

Offering graduate and undergraduate programs in general economics, development economics, gender analysis in economics, financial economic policy, applied economics, and international economics.

Recent Achievements

Selected Publications

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Erin E. George and Julie Lyn Routzahn), "Debt Tolerance, Gender, and the Great Recession," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2018.

Boris Gershman (with Diego Rivera), "Subnational diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from a new dataset," Journal of Development Economics, 2018.

Xuguang Simon Sheng (with Ezgi Ozturk), "Measuring Global and Country-specific Uncertainty," forthcoming in Journal of International Money and Finance.

Paul Sullivan (with Kamila Sommer), "Implications of US Tax Policy for House Prices, Rents, and Homeownership," American Economic Review, February 2018.

Natalia Radchenko (with Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Bernard Salanie), "Divorce and the duality of marital payoff" . Review of Economics of the Household.

Bernhard Gunter (with A.F.M. Ataur Rahman), "Relationship Between Money Growth and Stock Prices in Bangladesh" Money and Macroeconomics: Selected Topics from Bangladesh, 2017.

Gabriel P. Mathy, "Hysteresis and Persistent Long-term Unemployment: The American Beveridge Curve of the Great Depression and World War II." Cliometrica, 2017.

Nicholas Kahn, Josh Gupta-Kagan, and Mary Eschelbach Hansen, "The Standard of Proof in the Substantiation of Child Abuse and Neglect" Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 14. June 2017.

Robert A. Blecker, " The US Economy Since the Crisis: Slow Recovery and Secular Stagnation," European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies:Intervention, 2016.

AU Economists in the News

Mary Hansen in The Washington Post
(03/08/2018) "Leadership at Fed's regional banks is getting more diverse. But there's still work to do, report argues."

Boris Gershman in Seeker
(01/08/2018) Labeling Women Witches Remains a Powerful Tool for Social Stigmatization

Boris Gershman in Bild
(12/26/2017) "Hexenjagd im 21. Jahrhundert"

Mary Hansen in Vox
(11/3/2017) "The Republican tax plan raises taxes on families who adopt children"

Gabriel Mathy in Equitablog
(9/19/2017) "Another Lesson From the 1930s for the Federal Reserve"

Mary Hansen in The Smithsonian
(5/30/2017) "The Restaurant Doodle That Launched a Political Movement"

Evan Kraft in The Hill
(2/18/17) "Yellen Rightly Defends Wall Street Reform Against House GOP Criticism"

Jon Wisman in E-International Relations
(01/04/2017), "Exploding Inequality is Killing Democracy"

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