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Info-Metrics Institute | In Memoriam: Halbert White

Halbert (Hal) White

Halbert White (1950 – 2012)

Halbert (Hal) White, an active member of the Info-Metrics Institute and member of its Advisory Board, passed away on March 31, 2012, following a four-year battle with cancer. Hal was a true scholar, one of the world's leading econometricians, and a kind and humble person. His numerous contributions in econometrics include original and path-breaking work in, among other topics, neural networks, entropy and information, asymptotic theory, semi-parametric methods, causality, and robustness and mis-specification issues. His 1980 Econometrica paper, suggesting a method for computing robust standard errors and a related test statistic, made him a household name among the economics profession. Now commonly referred to as “White standard errors”, this brilliant contribution is just one example of how he changed the direction of empirical work. He will be greatly missed.

Summaries of Hal's contributions can be found on the Web pages of the University of California, San-Diego: and

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