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Anxiety Disorders Research Lab

ADRL lab members 2017-18

Back row: Lauren Rothstein, MA, Michele Carter, PhD, Dickson Tang, MA, Nicolette Carnahan, MA. Bottom row: Crystal Singletary, BA, Yasaman Rezvani, BA, Candace Koman, MA


Welcome to the Anxiety Disorders Research Lab (ADRL) Web site at American University in Washington, DC. One of the main objectives of the ADRL is to conduct research aimed at understanding excessive anxiety and related conditions. Further, we are interested in how anxiety symptoms tend to be displayed differently within distinctive cultural frameworks.

We have a set of diverse students with various interests who hope to advance the knowledge and treatment of anxiety disorders in various populations. This site contains information about ADRL and the investigations that we are currently conducting. If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, we may be able to help.

Selected Publications

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