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The Department of Psychology's Courses & Honors Program offer study in clinical, social, and experimental psychology; personality; development; and behavioral neuroscience. Students may design programs that approach psychology as a social science, a natural science, or a combination of both. See more about

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Faculty Experts’ Corner: Anthony Ahrens

Anthony Ahrens, professor of psychology, talks about the importance of gratitude, particularly during difficult times. He offers strategies and exercises to help us all become more grateful.

Daniella Olivares, AU Commencement Speaker

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Meet Undergrad Student Commencement Speaker Daniella Olivares

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Alice Coyne was named the 2024 recipient of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Early Career Award in recognition of “accomplishment and achievement related to psychotherapy theory, practice, research, or training.”

Ramya Ramadurai

Clinical Psychology PhD student Ramya Ramadurai won an award from the DC Psychology Association for the development and pilot efficacy testing of a single-session intervention (SSI) targeting emotional health for Black Women.

Jonathan Tubman published two articles: “Multivariate Relations Between Lifetime Adversity and Substance Use Involvement: Comparisons Between Gay and Bisexual Emerging Adult Men” in the Journal of Bisexuality and “Factors Associated with Sexual Victimization Among Transgender Emerging Adults” in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Psychology faculty and students in a courtyard with awards.The Third Annual Psychology MA Research Fest was held at Kay Spiritual Center April 26, showcasing wonderful posters, followed by a reception in Asbury courtyard. Prizes were given in different categories of posters.  

Deputy Provost/Dean of Faculty Monica Jackson, Professor Herr, and Provost Peter StarrNathaniel Herr won the 2023 Outstanding Teaching in a Full-time Appointment Award and was honored at the Faculty Recognition Dinner on April 23, 2023. Pictured from left to right are Deputy Provost/Dean of Faculty Monica Jackson, Professor Herr, and Provost Peter Starr.

Psychology students at MArfApril 27: The Department of Psychology held an MA Research Fest (MArf) where students presented completed and in-progress research. Many MA students participated and some are represented in the photo. The event was organized by MA program Director Dr. Zehra Peynircioglu. Special thanks to the organization committee of Bre Yepez, Sara Dalpe, and Yajna Jowaheer, with help from Ryan Smout. Congratulations to all students and faculty who participated and especially to Jigeesha Ghosh, Jazmin Nieves, and Asia Horne and Nikki Flores for winning posters in their categories. From left to right (top): Allison Fuchs, Alice Cohen, Jazmin Nieves, Sara Dalpe, Audrey Culp, Danae Papadea, Eric Turnquist, Chase Ehrig,  left to right (bottom): Jigeesha Ghosh, Natalia Provolo, Asia Horne, Nikki Flores (on screen), Breanna Yepez, Yajna Jowaheer, and Allison Barrett.

2022 psychology graduatesApril 21, 2022: the Department of Psychology hosted a banquet for our graduates from Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. The ceremony included the recognition of our graduates, our Honor’s students, the induction of new Psi Chi honor society members, and the awarding of the Charles Ferster Award for Excellence in Psychology which was shared by seniors, Sara Bowman and Arianna O’Brien Cannon.

Eric Turnquist won the award for Graduate Social Sciences Final Work at the Mathias Student Research Conference.

Nicole Lorenzo was awarded $43,817 from the University of Maryland for her project “2/2 Treating Mothers with ADHD and their Young Children Via Telehealth: A Hybrid Type I Effectiveness-Implementation Trail.”

Laura Juliano talked with CBC Radio on the variety of symptoms people may experience when quitting caffeine.

Anthony Ahrens was awarded $40,935, from Lubuto Library Partners, for his project called "Honesty and HIV Prevention: Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health through Traditional Storytelling."

Terry Davidson has been appointed as a Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience by American University’s Board of Trustees. 

Linda Amarante won the 2020 Outstanding Scholarship at the Graduate Level Award.