Research Participation

Smokers Wanted For Paid Participation in Research

The Behavioral Pharmacology & Health Promotion Laboratory at American University is recruiting smokers to participate in a research study examining the effects of cigarette smoking on behavior.

Participation involves attending 2 lab visits that will take approximately 90 minutes total. During this time, you will complete questionnaires and tasks on the computer.

You will receive up to $20 OR 2.0 research credits.

Problematic Use of Energy Drinks

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Adolescents who have felt sick or unpleasant after problematic use of energy drinks.

STUDY REQUIREMENTS: 30-45 minute interview with the adolescent (parent consent if < 18 years old) and 30-45 minute interview with the parent (if applicable).

COMPENSATION: Each interviewee will be paid $25 for the interview (parent/guardian and adolescent will be paid separately). An additional payment of $25 will be given to the parent/guardian or adolescent-if over 18-who signs and returns the release of information form for medical records.

Daily Habits Survey

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: ANY 11-24 year old in the United States

STUDY REQUIREMENTS: 20-30 minute Online Survey and Parent Consent if < 18 years old.

COMPENSATION: There will be a drawing after the first 100 people participate. There is an iPOD nano and five $20 gift cards for iTUNES, so about 1 in 17 people will win a prize.