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EPPL Graduate Alumni

PhD in Clinical Psychology

Kate Stewart, 2016. (pending dissertation edits)
Dissertation title: Interpersonal effects of belonging: A brief intervention for university students
Internship: Oregon State University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) DC VA.

Sharone Weltfreid, 2016.
Dissertation title: The relationship between mindfulness and perceived responsiveness to capitalization attempts.
Internship: American University Counseling Center.

Kimberly Gilroy, 2014.
Dissertation title: Adapted dialectical behavior therapy skills group for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A quasi-experimental trial.
Internship: DC VA

Victoria Farrow, 2014.
Dissertation title: Understanding physician stress: The relationships among stressors, mindfulness, perceived stress and physical functioning.
Internship: Salem, Virginia VA

Alisa Breetz, 2014.
Dissertation title: BPD-relevant self-destructive behavior and dimensions of self-concept: Exploring the roles of self-concept clarity and self-esteem through a daily process design.
Internship: Duke University Medical Center

Lisa Carlin, 2013.
Dissertation title: Identifying factors associated with decreased risk of negative outcomes for military service members following psychiatric hospitalization.

Liz McIntosh, 2007.
Dissertation title: Noticing and appreciating the sunny side of life: Exploration of a novel gratitude intervention that utilizes mindfulness techniques
Internship: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Ozge Gurel, 2007.
Dissertation title: Effects of gratitude on subjective well-being, self-construal and memory 
Internship: Virginia Tech Counseling Center

Marika Kyrimis, 2006.
Dissertation title: An examination of the relationships among mindfulness, emotional acceptance, emotional awareness, self-compassion, forgiveness, and self-judgment
Internship: Cornell University/Payne Whitney

Heather Bogdanoff, 2005.
Dissertation title: The role of personal goals in predicting adjustment and well-being among individuals with acquired hearing loss
Internship: Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn

Jim Sexton, 2005.
Dissertation title: How attachment style influences emotional experience via appraisals and approach/avoidance motivations
Internship: The Women’s Center

Mimi Arnold, 2004.
Dissertation title: Rebuilding life after a brain injury: Do social comparisons help patients cope?
Internship: University of Texas Medical School

Sarah Wesch, 2004.
Dissertation title: Factors related to appearance satisfaction among women native to the Mountain Ok area of Papua New Guinea
Internship: Kansas State University Counseling Center

Kathy Panos, 2001.
Dissertation title: Mechanisms governing the generalization of self-efficacy beliefs in collegiate athletes
Internship: St. Luke’s/Roosevelt, New York

Romy Smith, 2000.
Dissertation title: Linking goal attainment to happiness: A moderator of the media effects on eating disorders?
Internship: Springfield Hospital

Lauryn Schmerl, 1997.
Dissertation title:  Attachment style, perceptions of vulnerability, and personality functioning in survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer
Internship: Psychiatric Institute, NYC

Alison Laster, 1997.
Dissertation title: A brief intervention with mildly depressed undergraduate women: Retraining attributions for dating relationships
Internship: Tulane University Medical Center

Maureen Minarik, 1997.
Dissertation title: Adult attachment in residence hall roommate relationships
Internship: Bethesda Naval Hospital

Ruth Edelman, 1996.
Dissertation title: Great expectations? The relationship of goal setting, depressive symptoms, and affect intensity
Internship: Cornell University Medical Hospital/Payne Whitney

Lisa Drexler, 1995.
Dissertation title: Does money matter? The effect of fee structure of psychotherapy effort and outcome variables
Internship: Mount Vernon Center for Community Mental Health

Tom Hays, 1994.
Dissertation title: Person perception accuracy in aggressive, withdrawn, and normal 10 and 14 year-old boys
Internship: Beaverbrook Guidance Center

Faye Dixon, 1989.
Dissertation title: Vulnerability factors in depression: A test of the diathesis- stress model in children
Internship: St. Elizabeth’s

Teri Carroll, 1989.
Dissertation title: Self-evaluation and dysphoria: The effects of self and social comparisons
Internship: Crownsville State Hospital

MA in Psychology

Rubie Peters, 2016. (pending thesis revisions)
Thesis title: What is your number? Social norms surrounding desired number of sexual partners in the Mechanical Turk population.
Subsequently she went to the University of Mississippi Ph.D. program in experimental psychology.

Naser Abdulraheem, 2016.
Nonthesis work on mindfulness.
Subsequently he took a position in the gaming industry.

Emily Maher, 2014.
Nonthesis work on loving-kindness meditation.
Subsequently she went to the Clark University Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

Michael Mullarkey, 2013.
Thesis title: Afraid to feel good: Is fear of emotion associated with creative problem solving? Subsequently he went to the University of Texas (Austin) Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

Haseeb Majid, 2010.
Nonthesis work on gratitude.

Laura Myhr, 2009.
Thesis title: The relationship between trait level mindfulness and coping in stressful situations Subsequently she went to St. John’s University’s Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

Melissa Smith, 2008.
Thesis title: Mindfulness and college adjustment for former foster children: The mediating relationship of social support Subsequently she went to Catholic University’s Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

PhD in Social Psychology

Steve Kronheim, 1990.
Dissertation title: Individual and group differences in minority influence.