Our Research

Exploring First Generation College Students' Experiences and Responses to Stressors

Youthful person sitting with computer and thought bubbles.
  • Description of study: Participants will complete surveys and then answer a writing prompt that asks them to reflect on their university experiences as a first-generation college student. Afterwards, they will complete a short challenge task. This study is offered both in-person and online. Participants’ heart rate (via chest strap) and blood pressure will be measured throughout testing when in-person.
  • Time commitment: 1 hour
  • Compensation: Participants will be compensated with a $15 Gift Card or with 1 psychology research credit (only for American University students).
  • Eligibility requirements: This study is open to all currently enrolled, full-time, first-generation college students (neither parent/guardian has graduated from a 4 year university) in the United States.
  • To participate: Please contact the research team at aufirstgenstudy@gmail.com for more information.