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Intensive Summer Workshop

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, our Intensive Summer Workshop is currently suspended. Please check back regularly as we will update our page once our program operations change.

2019: TESOLers as Advocates: It’s What We Do! with Luciana C. de Oliveira and Heather A. Linville

2018: Multilingualism and Social Justice: What Can TESOL Professionals Do? with Dr. Lourdes Ortega and Dr. Nicholas Subtirelu

2017: The Double Challenge: Teaching ESL & Emergent Literacy with Dr. Martha Bigelow and Dr. Patsy Egan

2016: Laugh, Joke, Learn: Teaching with Humor in the Second Language Classroom with Anne Pomerantz and Nancy D. Bell

2015: Exploring the Practices of Second Language Teacher Education with Karen E. Johnson and Paula Golombek

2014: Language and Identity with Bonny Norton and Christine Higgins

2013: Multiliteracies and Multimodal Communication in ESL/EFL Instruction with Mark Evan Nelson and Neil Johnson

2012: International Research and Practices in Bilingual Education with Carol Benson and Kendall A. King

2011: Doing Action Research in the ESL/EFL Classroom with Sue Garton and Anne Burns

2010: Addressing Pragmatics in your Language Instruction with Noriko Ishihara, Noel Houck, and Heidi Vellenga

2009: Teaching Readers of English: A Multidisciplinary Perspective with John Hedgcock and Dana Ferris

2008: Working with Multilingual Writers: A Multidisciplinary Perspective with Paul Kei Matsuda, Dana Ferris and Christine Tardy