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Center for University Excellence

The Center for University Excellence (CUE) at American University serves as a hub for national and global dialogue on pressing issues facing higher education and society.

Committed to Educational Excellence

The Center for University Excellence at American University cultivates new knowledge for the improvement of a learned society and the broader public good. CUE is an enabling institution that brings university research expertise to pressing problems in the public domain. We emphasize the critical role higher education plays in creating and sustaining inclusive, just, and democratic societies. Our focus is research, discourse, and public engagement with the most pressing questions facing society and higher education today.

For the next several years CUE will examine three overarching areas of inquiry. They include:

  1. Extremism, Polarization, and Conflict in the U.S. and Globally
  2. Undergraduate Student Progress, Academic Success, and Inclusive Diversity
  3. Strengthening the Academic Infrastructure and the Use of Technology
Parent and Caregiver Cover Art

Parent and Caregivers Guide

Whether you live with a young person, or now work virtually with youth, radicalization to extremism is something we all should be concerned about. Extremists looking to recruit and convert children are predators. Like all forms of child exploitation, extremist recruitment drives a wedge between young people and the adults they would normally trust. Radicalization is a problem for our entire society, from the innocent people it victimizes to the family bonds it breaks apart. This guide was created in collaboration with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). 

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The Hard Questions: Center Will Confront Pressing Issues in Higher Ed

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