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Alan and Amy Meltzer Center for Athletic Performance & the Sports Center Annex

MeltzerCenterConceptualRendering 02-15-2023

Following the approval of AU’s 2021 Campus Plan, American University is excited to work together with campus and neighborhood stakeholders to to develop new spaces and opportunities that actively support all students’ well-being.  The American University Student Thriving Complex (STC) will create new and renovated spaces that enhance resources for all students success both in and out of the classroom. The STC will include a renovation of areas in the existing Mary Graydon Center (MGC), the newly built Alan and Amy Meltzer Center for Athletic Performance (Meltzer Center), and the Well-Being Commons, which will be in renovated areas in the existing Sports Center (SPRT) and the newly built Sports Center Annex (SCAN). This project represents AU’s values and furthers our commitment to Inclusive Excellence, belonging, and student success. Student thriving is based on a comprehensive approach that meets the needs of our students in innovative ways. 

AU looks forward to sharing its vision for the two new building projects planned as part of the Student Thriving Complex–the Alan and Amy Meltzer Center for Athletic Performance (Meltzer Center), and the Sports Center Annex (SCAN).  

The Meltzer Center and SCAN (which will house the Well-Being Commons) projects, are identified as development sites 3 and 5 in AU’s approved Campus Plan, and are located near Reeves Field and Bender Arena. 

The proposed Meltzer Center will be the first newly constructed athletics and recreational facility on campus in more than 30 years. This state-of-the-art competition, practice, and training facility will enhance the development of our student-athletes, ensure their success in and out of competition, and bolster the overall athletic and recreational experience for the entire AU community. The Meltzer Center will feature a competition gymnasium for the wrestling and volleyball programs, and new strength and conditioning, sports medicine, and locker room areas.  

The new SCAN will primarily house Well-Being Commons and will prioritize and expand the critical student support services that promote and foster overall well-being. The Well-Being Commons will include the Center for Well-Being Programs and Psychological Services alongside the relocation of the Student Health Center. Co-locating these programs in an accessible and central place on campus, and incorporating academic wellness services, will positively impact the way students engage with key services that are designed to actively enhance and bolster their overall experience at American University. 

AU is actively collaborating with the AU Neighborhood Partnership (AUNP), the AUNP Facilities Planning Working Group, neighbors along University Avenue, ANC 3E and ANC 3D, and the Community Liaison Committee (CLC) regarding these important efforts.  

Project information, including concept renderings and planning considerations that reflect the input of perspectives of nearby neighbors, will be presented at an information forum on January 26, which will be held in Constitution Hall at 6:00 pm. AU will also share information about the projects at the February 7 CLC meeting and the February and March ANC meetings. Neighbors are encouraged to participate in these opportunities to learn more and share their feedback directly with the project team. For additional information regarding the proposed Meltzer Center and SCAN projects, and to share any comments or questions, please visit:

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Please direct any questions or feedback about the Meltzer Center and Sports Center Annex (SCAN) projects to our Community Relations team via the Community Input Portal. 

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