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AU-Lyft RideSmart

American University-Lyft RideSmart


The American University-Lyft RideSmart Program is replacing the previous carshare partnership to offer a sustainable, flexible, and cost effective transportation alternative for faculty, staff, and students conducting official university business.

Departments will now be able to set up Lyft programs and utilize a central billing system for authorized users to book rides via the Lyft app. This allows students, faculty, and staff the flexibility to go off-campus when needed without worrying about needing a personal vehicle to get to their destination. Departments can set specific pickup and drop-off locations to ensure the program is only utilized for AU-affiliated business.

For additional information or to enroll your department in a Lyft RideSmart Program, please submit a program inquiry form or contact TDM Coordinator Lucas Franco at

Program Options

  • Lyft Credits: An automated program for rides that recur regularly.
    • Allows you to assign a monthly dollar amount to program participants that they can use towards Lyft rides each month.
    • Customizable: you can restrict the rides by date, time, and location and customize the value
    • Departments provide a list of eligible riders who will receive Lyft ride credits
    • Eligibility verified by email address
  • Lyft Auto Pay: Allows faculty and staff to directly bill rides to a corporate account.
    • Hassle-free expensing (integrates with Concur, Expensify)
    • A simple way for faculty and staff to separate business related rides from personal rides
  • Lyft Concierge: Web-based portal for booking trips on a rider’s behalf.
    • Enables you to request rides for people who don't have the Lyft app
    • The Concierge platform offers a user-friendly booking interface that is compatible with any internet-enabled device.
  • Lyft Events Codes: For one-off events or non-recurring rides.
    • Departments can purchase codes for one-off events and rides for non-recurring programs.
    • Can be restricted by date, time, location, max redemptions, and value
    • To set up your own event code, you can also go to the Lyft Events Portal


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I sign up for an account or get more information?
    • To get additional information on account setup or Lyft product information please fill out this intake form. For general questions, please contact TDM Coordinator Lucas Franco at
  • How are these rides billed?
    • Rides are billed by Lyft via monthly invoice. Payment by corporate P-card is not an option for indivdual rides. A P-card may be used to pay the monthy invoice.
  • Do we get discounts on Lyft or free rides?
    • No, you will not receive free rides or discounts when you create a RideSmart program.


Lyft’s Health Safety Program

In response to COVID-19, Lyft launched a Health and Safety Program, which includes:

  • Personal health certification for drivers and riders
  • Required face masks for drivers and riders
  • Health safety education for drivers and riders
  • Distribution of cleaning supplies and masks for drivers

You can read more about the program on the Lyft website.

Safety Tips For Riding Smart with Lyft:

  • Verify your ride by making sure the license plate number, driver information, and car make and model match what you see in the app.
  • Share your location and route with a friend or loved one from within the Lyft app so they can follow your ride in real time.
  • Follow the Lyft vehicle on GPS via the app.
  • Ask the driver to say who they are picking up.
  • Learn more about how to ride smart with Lyft.