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MicroMobility at AU

MicroMobility refers to small, individual vehicles such as scooters and bikes utiltized for transportation instead of an automobile or other mass transit options. As part of AU's TDM goals, Parking and Commuter Services (PCS) is working on providing and regulating various micromobility devices available to district residents to ensure an excellent commuting experience for all AU community members. 

Capital Bikeshare

American University has two Capital Bikeshare located on the Nebraska and Massachussetts Avenues. Users can rent any available bikes and drop them off at any capital bikeshare docking station throughout the district. AU is also partnering with Capital Bikeshare to offer an annual student mebership for $25 providing unlimited rides under thirty (30) minutes. To sign up, visit the Capital Bikeshare website and follow these instructions. AU's sign-up code is "CaBi4AU".

Use Capital Bikeshare through your Lyft app? You can link your student account in the app to make sharing bicycles even more convientent!

Dockless e-Scooters & E-Bikes

Shareable E-Scooters and E-Bikes, or Dockless Vehicles are rentable from various companies throughout the district. They provide a fun, convenient way to travel to, from, and around campus. AU is currentlying approving an overarching policy for dockless vehicles of both shared and personal variety. Dockless vehicles should be parked adjacent to outdoor bikeracks and not on neighborhood side walks, building entrances or anywhere obstructing egress of pedestrians. Dockless vehicles are also prohibited from entering any campus buildings. Improperly used or parked vehicles may be impounded by PCS or AUPD.

Reporting Improperly Parked or Damaged Scooters

Any improerply parked, damaged, dead or fallen-over dockless scooters or e-bikes should be reported directly to the company operating them. A list of contact information for all scooter operaters in the district can be found on the District Department of Transportation's Dockless Program Website.


Hoverboards are banned from campus due to safety issues. They should not be brought on to campus under any circumstances and may be confiscated if seen by PCS or AUPD.