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lmmersive Learning Experiences

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are immersive learning experiences designed to bring students with common academic interests together for heightened intellectual and social success. LLCs assist students by placing them in close-knit living environments that support scholastic success, cultivate safe and supportive environments, encourage personal growth, and foster social responsibility. The ultimate goal is to help students mature into the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally, so they can become leaders here at AU and beyond.

What is AU Compass?

AU Compass is a Living-Learning Community for sophomore students to both engage with and explore their academic pathway at AU. AU Compass gives students more time for focused exploration, alongside a supportive network of peers, faculty, and staff. Students will participate in guest lectures, off-campus trips, self-inventories, and so much more, helping shape their journey as an Eagle and beyond. Keep up with AU Compass by following us on Instagram (@aucompass). 

Upcoming Interest Sessions and Tabling

Learn more about the program from staff and current students during tabling and interest sessions. See the chart below for tabling schedule. 





January 23 2PM - 4PM Anderson Hall
January 31 1PM - 3PM Mary Graydon Center
February 8 2PM - 4PM Mary Graydon Center
February 15 1PM - 3PM  Anderson Hall
February 21 12Pm - 2PM Mary Graydon Center
February 27 2PM - 4PM McDowell Hall






RSVP for the Interest Sessions using this link.

Why join?

Students in their sophomore year of college often encounter many choices that can affect the remainder of their college years. These choices range from their major(s)/minor(s), study abroad experiences, and social connections. AU Compass prepares and supports students through these decisions, and creates an environment where students feel at home through their informal staff, faculty, and peer interactions, and immersive experiences that connect what students are doing in the classroom to their living environment at AU and in the greater DC area. Students in AU Compass are able to continue evolving into the person who they want to be by building onto the important foundations of their first year of college.

Benefits of Living in an LLC

  • Connect with individual faculty members outside of the classroom
  • Engage in programs, events, and networking opportunities that are exclusively for LLC students
  • Develop close connections with peers also a part of the LLC
  • Fulfill degree requirements
  • Receive guaranteed on-campus housing
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Join AU Compass

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