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Memorandums of  Agreement

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Memorandums of Agreement (MOA)

The Office of the Provost oversees all of the memorandum of agreements under the Academic Affairs' units.

On this site you will find important information on the process, rules and regulations needed to be followed in order to come into an agreement with another institution.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is a document describing a cooperative relationship between two parties.

American University (AU) has partnerships with various educational institutions, government agencies and private organizations for local and international programs in support of different initiatives and community outreach with a focus on academic programs, faculty research, and student exchanges. The relationship with each organization is formalized through a memorandum of agreement (MOA).

All academic units are encouraged to create partnerships with other institutions in furtherance of the university's mission.

These agreements define, among other aspects, the extent to which the partner organization is entitled to use AU premises, resources, personnel, logos/branding, etc. or vice versa, in which AU has the right to use the affiliate organization’s amenities or expertise for a cost or exchange of services.

If you have specific questions, regarding MOAs, not included on this site, please contact the MOA Administrator at

Important Message

Office of General Counsel has a new site to submit MOAs that need their review.

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