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Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) SET Questions starting Summer 2020

The close-ended questions are rated from 1 – “strongly disagree” to 5 – “strongly agree” and the questions will be separated into course, professor, and student pages.

Professor page (close-ended questions 1-7 and open-ended questions 8-9)

  1. The professor required high levels of performance.
  2. The professor presented the material clearly.
  3. The professor facilitated a respectful learning environment.
  4. The professor was responsive to students’ questions and comments.
  5. The professor was available for conversations or questions outside of the designated class time.
  6. The professor provided constructive feedback on papers, tests, or other assignments as appropriate.
  7. I would recommend this professor to other students.
  8. What did you find MOST helpful about [professor’s name] teaching approach and course content?
  9. What did you find LEAST helpful about [professor’s name] teaching approach and course content?

Course page (all close-ended)

  1. This course challenged me to do my best work.
  2. The learning objectives for this course were clear.
  3. The activities, readings and assignments reflected the learning objectives for the course.
  4. I now have a greater understanding of the subject matter of this course.

Student page (close-ended but with number of hours as response categories)

  1. Indicate the average number of hours per week you worked on assignments and studied for this course (this will be asked with the following options: 0-3, 4-6 hours, 7-9 hours, 10-12 hours, 12 or more hours.)

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