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What's New

On Monday, October 12, Student Planning is available to create a class schedule for Spring 2021 and Terms 2021T1 and 2021T2 in advance of priority registration.

Student Planning is housed under the "Eagle Service" umbrella. This is the registration system students use to plan, register, add/drop, and waitlist. Your academic advisor also has access to the system and is able to review your plan in advance of registration. To access Student Planning, log into and click on the Eagle Service link in the Academics menu.

Registration appointment times for Spring 2021 Semester priority registration are available October 7, 2020. Appointment times are displayed in Eastern Standard Time at the top of the page. Once your registration appointment time begins, you will continue to have access to the registration system via Student Planning through the end of the Add/Drop period in January 2021.

Please Note: No registration appointment times will show for Spring 2021 Semester students after the opening of general registration on Monday, November 16, 2020. No registration appointment times will show for students registering in 2021T1, 2021T2 Terms.


Students should review the tutorials prior to registration. (Please note the current version of Student Planning may differ visually from the training videos).

Student Planning: Learn how to plan, register, and add/drop courses and sections.
Student Finance: Learn more about student accounts and student finance.

Other Resources

Registration Dates: Provides students with registration dates.
Note: Students will need to log into to Student Planning to see their assigned registration time and date.

Schedule of Classes: Provides information about sections offered, seats available and allows filtering of subjects.

Approved Teaching Periods: Provides students with a list of current approved teaching periods.

Instructional Methods: Instructional Methods Codes indicate the type of instruction/method a course section is conducted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides students with answers to commonly asked questions on the Student Planning module, ability to check where they are on the waitlist.

Student Planning is under the Eagle Service umbrella. Student Planning combines the degree audit information with the upcoming schedule of classes to enable students to easily plan classes that fulfill degree requirements and then register for those classes quickly and easily when registration opens.

Student Planning is accessed via the portal ( The Eagle Service link can be found under the Academics menu.

Students currently have access to Student Planning. On October 12, 2020 the Spring 2021 Semester and 2021T1, 2021T2 Terms will be published in the Eagle Service Course Catalog and students can create a plan for the upcoming semester/terms. The complete priority registration schedule can be found on the Registrar's page for Registration.

Log into Student Planning via the myAU Portal. The Eagle Service link can be found under the Academics menu. Click on the My Progress tab to review your degree audit information. Click on one of the courses that is associated with an unmet requirement. Search for available sections, then click on "Add Section to Schedule." Repeat this process until you have filled out a complete schedule. You can review your plan via the Plan and Schedule tab, and you can search for classes directly via the Course Catalog tab.

If you have a stop on your account, a notification will appear in the upper right-hand corner indicating the reason for the stop and the way to resolve it. In most cases, you will not be able to register if you have a stop on your account.

No. Adding a section to your plan does not guarantee a seat in that section. You can add any class to your planner that you want and it will appear in yellow on your plan. When you attempt to register for the section, the registration system will validate that there is a seat available and that you meet all of the restrictions and/or requisites. You are not in the class until you have successfully registered for the class. When you have successfully registered, the class section will have a green check mark in the upper left-hand corner on your plan.

You must log into Student Planning via the myAU Portal to find out when your registration appointment time begins. In Student Planning, click on the Plan and Schedule tab, toggle to the upcoming registration term to see your registration appointment time displayed under the term information. If you do not see a registration appointment time, it is possible your appointment time has passed and you are now able to register. For planned courses a "register" button will be available once your registration time has passed. The "register" button is greyed out if you do not have an appointment time, in this case please e-mail from your AU e-mail account with your name and AU ID.

No. Registration dates are determined by student class level. At the undergraduate level, groups of students are further segmented according to the number of credits a student has completed at the time of registration. Within credit-limit parameters, students are randomly assigned registration appointment times in 30-minute increments beginning at 7:00am. Registration appointment times will not be changed. A complete listing of the registration dates can be found the Registrar's webpage for Registration Dates.

Your registration appointment time is the start time for your priority registration period. If you miss the time, don’t worry! You have access to the registration system beginning with your registration time all the way through the end of the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the next semester. Simply register as soon after your appointment time as you are able.

Since registration appointment times are assigned randomly within the pool of students with similar earned credit groupings, it is likely that some student’s registration appointment times will conflict with a class, an extracurricular activity, or a job. The registration appointment time is a start time for your priority registration period. If you miss the assigned time, don’t worry! Simply register for classes as soon as you are able. You will continue to have access to the registration system through the end of the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the next semester.y when registration opens.

If you need to change a grade type for a class you are registered in and it is before the deadline, log into the portal and select the “Grade Type Change Request” link under Academics to make grade type adjustments.

If you have added yourself to the waitlist for any sections via Student Planning and you want to see where you are on the list, log into Eagle Service and select “My Waitlisted Sections” under Academics in the side menu bar.

If you have problems accessing the site, or if you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact the AU Help Desk at If you have specific questions about your requirements or classes you are considering, please contact your academic adviser.

Because dropping from all registered courses may result in unintentional separation from the University, students are not permitted to drop all their courses without discussing the request with their academic advisor first. To submit a request to drop all your courses, you will need to fill out and submit the Drop or Withdraw From All Classes Form

To maintain continued enrollment during a temporary leave, you will need to fill out the Request for Temporary Leave - Undergraduate and Graduate Form in consultation with your academic advisor.