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Episode Description

This episode builds from Dr. Khohkar’s interview in our last episode in which he outlines the many ways in which discrimination and hate-based behavior have been shown to have negative effects on the brain, both for those subject to such behavior and perpetrators, as well as bystanders and others. In this episode we talk with expert psychologist Dr. Linda McGhee, whose fields of specialization include the treatment of the psychological effects of racial trauma. Dr. McGhee discusses her background, her current areas of focus, and the approaches she uses, including liberation-based trauma treatment. She also offers suggestions about how academic disciplines and other institutions can engage in self-assessment to improve opportunities for access and success for traditionally excluded outsiders including racial minorities and others.

Guest Speaker


Dr. Linda McGhee is a practicing clinical psychologist who speaks and writes nationally on mental health and education. She received her psychology doctorate from George Washington University. Prior to that, she received a law degree from GWU and was a practicing attorney for a number of years.