EPHR in Action

Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights students share a common value in promoting peace and justice through philosophical and ethical approaches. They are informed, dedicated to solving today’s pressing global challenges, and view international relations through a unique lens. Together, students collaborate both inside and outside the classroom to make a positive and peaceful impact on the world.

Get Involved

A look at some of the ways you can get involved during your time on campus.

The Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA)

SEPGA explores ethical responses to contemporary global problems as a learning community. While it is a student organization affiliated with the MA in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (EPGA), it is open to both undergraduate and graduate students at American University who share the organization’s ideals and interests. SEPGA mirrors EPGA in its goal of linking international peace and conflict resolution to its roots in philosophy. SEPGA scholars seek to build an ethic of action through critical analysis, the raising of awareness, and the promotion of active engagement.

The goals of SEPGA are multifold:

  • Foster a community of engaged scholars;
  • Explore the role of ethics in decision-making at the local, national, and international level;
  • Build bridges, uniting academia, advocacy, and activism; and
  • Represent EPGA students’ interests and academic concerns.

SEPGA meets biweekly throughout the semester and organizes events such as skills tutorials, guest speakers, social gatherings, and study periods. Recent social gatherings have included local happy hours and a holiday potluck, in addition to events such as silent vigils. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of many of today's ethical concerns, SEPGA works to create partnerships and gladly collaborates with other campus organizations.

Graduate Student Council

The SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC) is committed to providing professional development, advocating for graduate students, and building a school-wide community. GSC provides opportunities to graduate students to plan and participate in social and professional development events, serve on school committees, advocate for themselves and their peers, and generally have their voices heard in the SIS administration. With a team of senators representing the various programs at the School of International Service and a dedicated Executive Council, the GSC strives to be a leader both inside and outside American University. Contact the GSC at ausisgsc@gmail.com.