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Consortium Registration

As part of the Consortium Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, AU students are eligible to take courses at other Consortium universities in DC. Consortium registration is processed by AU and is limited to courses that are not offered at AU. Courses taken through the Consortium are treated as AU courses for registration, transcript, and GPA purposes. Consortium registration is available during the fall, spring and summer semesters, but generally, SIS limits students to no more than two consortium courses during their MA program, but generally, SIS limits students to no more than two consortium courses during their MA program.

Download the Consortium Registration Form [pdf]

Registration Process

  1. Download the Consortium Registration Form; fill it out and sign the back indicating that you have read and understood the consortium policies.
  2. Obtain permission IN WRITING (e-mail is fine) from the instructor for the course and attach it to the Consortium Registration Form.*
  3. If the course is in another department (ECON, HIST, etc.) at the visited school, you'll need to get the approval of the head of that school or department at AU. If the course is in International Affairs/Studies (or something similar), you can skip this step. If you have questions about the approval you'll need, contact your academic advisor.
  4. Turn the form and attached permission into the SIS Graduate Advising Office on the first day of the semester for which you're enrolling and start attending the course.

All consortium courses will appear on your AU transcript with the consortium school code and course number (example: GWU-500).

Consortium Web Resources

N.B. Signing the Consortium Registration Form means that you have read, understood and have agreed to all of the university policies on the back of the form.

* Special notice for students interested in taking courses at Georgetown: each page of the Georgetown online schedule has specific guidelines which consortium students must meet in order to enroll in the courses (this is in addition to obtaining department permission from AU). For example, the security studies courses at Georgetown are open only to GSFS student; other graduate students and consortium students require the permission of the security studies program office at Georgetown.

Also, please note that although it is located in Washington, DC, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University is NOT part of the Consortium.

Last updated 9 May 2012