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Located in SIS 250, SIS Graduate Academic Advising is here to help you make the most of your SIS experience by providing information, answering questions, and making referrals to School and University partners dedicated to your academic and professional success. Advisors at SIS are specialists in the degrees for which they advise. Students must meet with the advisor associated with their academic program.


  • Natural Resources & Sustainable Development
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  • PhD
  • Global Governance, Politics, & Security
  • International Affairs Policy & Analysis
  • International Economic Relations
  • International Economics

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  • International Development
  • Development Management
  • Ethics, Peace, & Global Affairs
  • Ethics, Peace, & Human Rights
  • Global Environmental Policy

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  • Comparative & Regional Studies
  • United States Foreign Policy & National Security

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  • International Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Intercultural and International Communication
  • Global Media (formerly International Media)
  • JDMA 

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Amy Newell Assistant Director of Operations and Academic Services, OP SIS - School of International Service

  (202) 885-6522


  • Master of International Service (online & on-campus)
  • Social Enterprise (online & on-campus)
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  • Master of Arts in International Relations

Please note: As of July 2021, Nicole Halat is the temporary advisor for MAIR students while Julia Zeigler is on leave. Nicole can be reached at MAIR students can schedule an appointment with Nicole via Julia's booking link below.

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