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School of International Service


What is the IAPA degree?


Michael Schroeder, the assistant dean for masters programs at SIS, introduces the new International Affairs Policy and Analysis (IAPA) program.

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Master of Arts in International Affairs Policy and Analysis. Learn more about our new, skills based degree and apply by february 1 for merit-based funding.
Listen now to episode 6 of Big World Podcast: The Riddle of Haiti
Globe atop a chess board

International ·

New International Affairs Graduate Degree Blends Policy, Analytical, and Management Skills

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Katrina Velasquez speaks about eating disorders on behalf of the Eating Disorders Coalition.

Alumni ·

SIS Alumna Successfully Advocates First-Ever Eating Disorders Legislation

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A bride character from The Bremen Town Musicians smiles and holds her pigtails in her hands.

Research ·

Animating the ‘Ideal’ Soviet Woman

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Global Environmental Policy Program graduate students Amber Orozco and Alexandria Ward.

International ·

Alumnae Document USDA Discrimination

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