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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2014—2016.

History of The Dav


What was SIS's Davenport Coffee Lounge way back when the school first opened? See how The Dav evolved into the coffee shop we know and love today.

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Stack of history books, including one from 2017

International ·

13 things that made history in 2017

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Naomi Moland

International ·

SIS welcomes Professor Naomi Moland

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SIS in the News

  • In his latest opinion piece for the New York Times, Professor Ibram X. Kendi addresses the denial of racism in America’s past and present.

  • In an article for the New York Times, Professor Charles Call explains the repercussions of returning roughly 200,000 people to El Salvador after nearly 20 years in the US.

  • That's not all. See where else the SIS community has been mentioned, quoted, interviewed, and more in the media.

Professor Ken Conca in a desert of Kidron Valley, in the Middle East.

Environment ·

SIS professor works to build global environmental peace

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Sunset behind Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

International ·

Undergraduate scholar examines the effects of France’s hijab restriction

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Professor Emeritus Abdul Aziz Said

Faculty ·

SIS’s living peace legend: Abdul Aziz Said

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Strengthening countries to reduce rural poverty

Meeting skilled development professionals was a highlight of my SIS experience.

I feel privileged to work directly with governments on poverty-related issues and to be able to support policy processes and global debates. One of the most exciting experiences of my current role at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is supporting the implementation of Colombia’s peace accord, from the perspective of rural development and empowerment of disadvantaged populations.