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Master in International Service


Brandy Pech
Program Coordinator



Program Overview

Washington, DC

The Master in International Service offers exciting and extraordinary opportunities to advanced graduate students and professionals in the fields of international affairs and international service. The program connects a rigorous academic education in theory, methodology, and economics to practical experiences directly relevant to students’ professional lives.

Teachers and practitioners in the School of International Service share their wealth of knowledge in diverse fields and subject areas with students and draw the connections between academic and practical knowledge, giving students the skills and opportunities to immediately apply the conceptual understanding of international affairs and international service to practical situations. The experience is complemented by numerous opportunities for participating in public dialogue and ongoing research programs.

Moreover, the Master in International Service program is proud of its community among students and the diversity of personal and professional backgrounds that make the cohort a wonderful resource in itself. The unique experiences and diverse knowledge that students bring to the classroom make discussions particularly interesting, meaningful, and cosmopolitan.

Executive Track

The executive track is exclusively designed for students with at least seven years of professional experience in international affairs.

Experienced international affairs professionals are able to broaden their knowledge, enhance their intellectual development, expand their professional effectiveness, and strengthen their international leadership skills and knowledge. After completion of the program, graduates will have both the skills and the certification to meet the demands of executive level service in the dynamic private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Learn more.

International Studies Track

The international track is specifically designed for students who are currently enrolled or have recently completed a master’s level program in international affairs or a related field at a partner institution.

Graduate students benefit from cross-continental academic experiences that augment their educational and personal development and is reflected in the conferral of a dual degree from both the partner institution and the School of International Service. After completion of the program, graduates will be able to benefit from the strengths of each program, setting them apart, and benefitting them in their professional endeavors. Learn more.