Harnassing efforts and expertise from across academia and around the world

The quote "Research is creating new knowledge," attributed to astronaut Neil Armstrong, lays down a clearly stated purpose for the work of scholars. It also leaves open the door for collaboration and aggregation that can enhance and extend the impact of any one scholar, creating and building upon new knowledge in a virtuous circle. At SIS, we embrace this possibility by creating research initiatives around topics of vital importance to a current and future understanding of international affairs.

Research Initiatives

aerial view of water snaking through a Kurdish valley in a horseshoe shape

Global Kurdish Initiative for Peace

Advancing understanding of Kurdish people, history, and culture through dialogue and scholarship

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Gyeongbokgung Palace during autumn with bright red and yellow leaves surrounding the building

Korea in Global Affairs

Bringing Korea's experiences & insights to the global center of policy and politics

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Colored silhouettes of people overlap from left to right.

Gender & Sexuality Research Initiative

Bringing gender and sexuality to the forefront of research and policy discussions in global politics

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