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European Studies (Undergraduate Certificate)

Offered by the School of International Service, the European Studies (Undergraduate Certificate) provides an opportunity for students to coordinate their courses around themes or regional expertise related to Europe. The certificate builds on American University's faculty members engaged in research and teaching on Eastern and Western Europe across all schools and departments, and AU Abroad programs in Europe, as well as other courses and programs offered overseas supervised by AU faculty. This certificate is open to students in all majors and disciplines. Offering a wide range of academic and professional courses on the region, the certificate is designed so that students can demonstrate substantive knowledge about specific aspects of European culture, history, politics, economics and society, as well as language competency, and complete an experiential learning experience such as an internship or study abroad that directly relates to Europe.

Certificate Requirements

  • 18 credit hours with grades of B or better, including¬†at least 9 credit hours at or above 300-level
  • Minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Study abroad or approved internship with a European focus
  • Capstone Experience: Successful completion of a 3 credit hour European studies research project conducted under the supervision of a faculty member associated with the European studies certificate program
  • Compliance with all regulations for a certificate (Undergraduate Academic Regulation 10.3)

Course Requirements

  • 18 credit hours of approved European studies-related coursework including study abroad or approved internship with a European focus, and a 3 credit hour capstone. Students should take at least one course outside of their main area, discipline, or field