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Undergraduate Research at SIS

An undergraduate student presenting research.

Research is an integral part of the SIS undergraduate experience. There are several opportunities for you to present your research during your time at AU. These include the SIS 206 Poster Conference, the SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium, regional conferences and symposiums hosted by other universities, and national forums such as the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. The university strongly supports undergraduate research and offers several sources of funding support for students who are presenting papers at national and regional conferences.

Presenting research at an academic conference is an excellent way to meet other researchers exploring similar topics, to engage in discussion and debate, and to learn from others. Preparing for an academic conference is a fantastic opportunity to develop an existing research project or to further a research topic that you may have explored in one of your classes. Preparing a research project for a conference or for publication could also be your chance to conduct independent research on a topic of your choice. In addition, we have found that independent research experience is essential to successful applications for competitive national merit fellowships and scholarships such as the Fulbright or Boren. Moreover, research experience prepares you for a wide range of professional careers in international affairs as well as for future study in graduate school. All of these are important parts of the scholarly exchange of ideas that begins, but does not stop, in the classroom.

The links to the left provide additional information on the various ways in which you could take your research beyond the classroom. For additional information about any of your undergraduate research opportunities, contact your SIS Undergraduate Research Co-Coordinator:

Aaron Boesenecker

Aaron Boesenecker


Assistant Professor

Dr. Aaron P. Boesenecker joined the SIS faculty in the fall of 2009.  He teaches across various SIS programs, including the Undergraduate Program, the Global Governance, Politics & Security M.A. Program, and the SIS Ph.D. Program. As the SIS Undergra... [More]

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