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Six Resources for Online Writers

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Between the deadlines, breaking headlines and pitching story ideas, time is everything in the digital world. Here are a few sites I use to help.

Purdue Owl
Been a while since you've checked your style? Brush up and double check AP format at a glance.

When I am vexed by the usage of a particular word or find myself being redundant, this site provides antonyms synonyms and words of the same category.

The Tongue Untied
I like to hand my editor as close to a clean copy as possible that way I can move to the next project. Grammar. Punctuation. Style. Period.

I'm old school when it comes to jotting things down, however, I like to be organized. Especially in-between an interview and actual copy. This nifty app allows you to keep all your thoughts and ideas together.

Pew Global
The last thing I want is a PR nightmare or to compromise my integrity as a writer. This is one place to get the facts, the numbers and the stats.

Break Away
Occasionally I get in a rut or feel my productivity meter at a stall. This is a cue to step away. Refreshing your eyes can aid in your approach to a project, idea or story. Something as simple as listening to music, Pinterest or calling your grandmother helps to redirect. 

Jessica Harris is a candidate for the MFA program in Creative Writing at American University.