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Media Adventures: SOC Graduate Students Explore China

This is where an emperor from one of China's dynasties sat. It's inside of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Three American University School of Communication (AU SOC) graduate students spent a week in China to learn more about culture, journalism and media in China, and China and U.S. relations. They traveled with the China United States Exchange Foundation and students from two other universities.

Japaira Ellison stands at the Great Wall of China.

"I really enjoyed visiting The Great Wall of China! It was definitely an experience walking up the steep stairs. Tip for future Great Wall go-ers: Train and prepare your legs beforehand," said SOC journalism graduate student Japaira Ellison, pictured at left. Ellison shared and captioned the photos in this story.

Students pose with Terracotta Warrior statues.

While in China, they traveled throughout three provinces: Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. At each province, the students were exposed to historic landmarks and China’s media culture.

Food carving of a Chinese dragon

"An amazing carving of a Chinese dragon. The body was cantaloupe, the wings were fish and the head and tail was either carrot or papaya. What do you think it was?"

Japaira Ellison standing inside the Pearl TV Tower looking down.

"I was standing inside of the beautiful Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China. A very distinct landmark. It's 1,535 feet high, and the fifth tallest tower in the world! Here is where I stood on [its] glass floor, looking around Shanghai. Talk about dizzy!" Japaira Ellison said. "In addition, all of the journalism students were treated to dinner at the revolving restaurant inside of the tower." 

Fun fact: It takes about 2-3 hours for the revolving restaurant to complete a full rotation.