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Mina Allen Current

BA, May '24 in Journalism and Legal Studies

“Mina has displayed an ability to write engaging and well-researched articles. She has been helpful in following up with sources to ask additional questions as she learns more about the complex world of public broadcasting. We look forward to continuing to work with her through the rest of her internship!”- Mark Janssen (Editor, Current)

Elizabeth Aston US Chamber of Commerce

BA, May '24 in Public Relations & Strategic Communication

“Elizabeth joined our team this fall just in time to play a huge role in then communications efforts around one of the U.S. Chamber’s biggest events of the year: America’s Top Small Business Awards. She stepped up right away helping create press lists, pitch reporters across the country, and land coverage for our winning business this year. Elizabeth has been a smart, conscientious and hard working member of our team over the past few weeks—it has been a blessing to have her.” - Lindsay Cates (Senior Manager, US Chamber of Commerce)

Tirrea Billings United Philanthropy Forum

Ph.D. Communications

Tirrea Billings was the Senior communications Manager at United Philanthropy Forum. She was selected as a Dean's Intern for Fall 2023. 

Eliza DuBose Street Sense Media

BA, May '24 in Foreign Language and Communication Media

“Eliza is a thoughtful, dedicated person who puts more than enough energy into her work. At Street Sense, she’s been incredibly helpful, helping me put out the paper during a major staff transition and writing professional quality articles with a tight turnaround time. Her writing skills are impressive, and she always takes initiative to find new stories to write or ways to help around the office. She is dependable, energetic and intelligent!”- Annemarie Cuccia (Interim Editor-in-Chief, Street Sense Media)

Sanvi Bangalore CBS News

BS, May '25 in Business Administration and Journalism

“Sanvi’s performance was excellent. She reported and wrote a range of news and enterprise stories, as well as contributing significantly to our daily editorial meetings. She also showed determination in pursuing projects and collaborated well with her colleagues. It was a delight to work with Sanvi, and I would emphatically recommend her for future internships or jobs.” - Alain Sherter (Senior Managing Editor, CBS News)

Jane Fusco CNN

BA, May '25 in Journalism

“Jane has been working with the Chris Wallace team at CNN for the last few weeks. She came highly recommended from her previous internship employers – both at CNN and at WESH in Orlando. During her time with us, Jane has shown an ability to learn quickly, an eagerness to learn and grow, and has even taken ownership of a small yet very important project. It’s truly been great having her work with our team.”- Javier de Diego (Executive Producer, CNN)

Fátima García Embassy of Mexico in the US

BA, May '24 in Film & Media Arts and International Studies

“Fatima has truly done an exceptional job. Taking pictures, she always makes sure she is fulfilling her duties but also leaning on her team and empowering those around her. Likewise, I can say that Fatima always works with passion and puts every interest in what is assigned to her. She has been an incredible addition to our team, she is professional and what she delivers is quality.” - Jimena Sofia Aja Saldana (Protocol of the Mexican Embassy to the United States)

Travis Chenhao Ma Voice of America

MFA, May '24 in Film & Media Arts

“Travis Chenhao Ma has worked very effectively as an intern with Executive Producer of Documentaries at Voice of America Beth Mendelson . He has contributed to the documentary, 'Jamala: Songs of Freedom'. Travis began with the team in the Spring of 2023 and extended his time to early Fall until the new team of interns were trained, and helped with the transition to explain the intern work flow. Travis is hard working, diligent, and engaged closely with my colleague on historic research about the Tatar community in Crimea. Travis had good insights, and a wise perspective on what was working , which was an indication that he has a solid potential in the media industry.”- Beth Mendelson (Executive Producer, Voice of America)

Sophie Myers Marriott International

BA in Public Relations & Strategic Communication

“Sophie’s professionalism and ability to proactively think through a project + ask the appropriate questions is outstanding. She is able to handle tasks at hand while critically thinking about the best way to accomplish a project. Sophie is a true team player and radiates positivity throughout the office. She continues to learn from the team, always asking questions to better understand the task at hand.”- Shannon Bodo (Marriott International)

Emma Nicholson CBS News

BA, December '23 in Journalism

“As the Political Unit Intern for CBS News, Emma is an integral part of our network’s coverage of the 2024 presidential election cycle. Among her many duties, Emma is one of the best writers of our unit and has risen past the normal threshold for typical interns. She also assists with our weekend political coverage and has also worked with CBS News’ Face the Nation. Emma Nicholson is one of the best interns we have ever had. She is an exceptional, emerging political journalist and has left an indelible mark, and many accolades during her tenure working as a key journalist for the CBS News Political Unit.” - Erin Gomez, (Political Director, CBS News)

Isabelle Ritz Public Defender Service

BA, May '25 in PR & Strategic Communications and Graphic Design

“Isabelle is delightful! Curious, thoughtful, hardworking, collaborative, with a keen eye on design and details. She possesses strong design and research skills and problem-solving techniques. She is committed to our goals and embraces every assignment. Isabelle is also teaching me how to use advanced iPhone, Canva, and Instagram features. I thoroughly enjoy working with Isabelle. The quality of her work is outstanding.“ - Tanya Hatton (Public Defender Service)

Spencer Robertson The Markham Group

BS, December '23 in Film & Media Arts

“Spencer is truly succeeding in his duties as our production intern. We have given him more responsibility outside of exclusively production tasks. His ability to adapt and solve problems quickly is something we look for in our interns and full-time staff, and those who have worked with him have had nothing but good things to say about his performance. His continuous dedication to learning and growing in our company has led him to be given tasks we often assign to first-year associates (including myself). He has excelled in every one of them. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Spencer on our team!- Alaina Hooks (The Markham Group)

Cody Rogers The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

BA, May '24 in Film & Media Arts

“Cody is halfway through his Producer internship with us at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and has accomplished more in that short time than any other intern has in a full internship. Cody is creatively proactive, enthusiastic and game for anything. Although confident and self-assured, Cody is also humble and modest. He is already a valued member of our team and has been offered a role with our department post-internship. The work Cody is doing for us far surpasses any expectations I have for an intern.” - Kristin Fosdick (Executive Producer, JFK Performing Arts Center)

Dan Sirota NBC Universal

BA, May '24 in Film & Media Arts

“Dan Sirota is currently a Technical Production intern with NBC News in the Washington, DC bureau. He excels at screening and logging video for varioussources, including transcribing interviews. Dan assists the technical crews with varying assignments whether it’s the archives department or our Next Level Summit. In addition, he gets the opportunity to learn different skills such as audio, lighting, editing, engineering and camera work. We’re thrilled to continue to have him as our intern through April.”- Morgan Parmet (Director of Editing Operations, NBC Universal)

Samantha Smith Leone Solutions Group

BA, May '24 PR & Strategic Communication

“Working with Samantha Smith as an intern has been an unparalleled experience. Her combination of compassion, intelligence, and diligence shines through in every project she undertakes. Whether editing, a press release, content creation, or innovatively approaching problems, Samantha consistently exceeds expectations, meeting deadlines and taking initiative without prompt. In my years of mentoring interns, she stands out as one of the most talented and efficient I’ve collaborated with. I have no doubt she has a brilliant future ahead.” - Amber H. Bobin (Leone Solutions Group)

Lily Sweeting Sentiido

BA, December '23 Journalism

“Lily has supported the organization on several fronts: she has worked in the research department, has produced excellent journalistic and informative content on her own, and has helped with translation from English to Spanish and vice versa. In particular, I would like to highlight her commitment, her prompt response to all requests, her ability to produce great work quickly, her willingness to take on all the tasks assigned to her, her receptiveness to suggestions to improve her work, as well as the depth and high-quality writing of the contents delivered, which have only required some minor editorial adjustments to be published.” - María Mercedes Acosta (Editor, Sentiido)

Cady Tran MikeWorldWide PR

BA, May '24 PR & Strategic Communication

“Cady has tremendous skill, paired with a positive attitude and desire to put out good work. She is also able to expertly balance her school responsibilities and internship responsibilities, and communicates her workload when necessary - a welcomed trait in a PR professional and junior staffer. Overall, it has been fantastic having Cady on my teams, and I am looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes in her career moving forward.”- MikeWorldWide PR