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Your Network of Success

Countless School of Communication alumni are working in the field around the world. Pick any major media outlet and you'll find one of our alumni in a key role. As a result of appreciating what they learned at American University, they remain connected to the School of Communication to share their success.

Our alumni mentoring program bridges the gap between the classroom and the professional world as you prepare for your future career.

Every year, through a partnership between the School of Communication and the AU Career Center, dozens of undergraduate and graduate students are paired with alumni who are thriving in their fields, and who are able to help you navigate your career path.

From counseling on short and long term goals to sharing tips for improving your resume and portfolio, to helping you network your way into the communication field for internships and job opportunities, our alumni mentors are an invaluable source of knowledge and experience.

The deadline to submit the application for 2019-2020 is Sunday, September 22.

To help you prepare your application and understand the expectations of the program, we will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 18th from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm and an in-person information session from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm in in the McKinley Building, Room 101. You are welcome to attend either the webinar or the in-person information session

Application Requirements

To qualify for this program, you must meet the following requirements: 

Undergraduates: Be an undergraduate student in the School of Communication in your junior or senior year and have an earned GPA of 3.0. Highly motivated sophomores will be considered.

Graduate Students: Be a graduate student in the School of Communication in good academic standing.

  1. Completed Application
  2. Submit a link to your Linkedin account
  3. Personal Statement (maximum 500 words) that includes what your career goals are and your expectations of participating in the Alumni Mentoring program.
Over 700 students have benefited from our alumni mentoring program since 2002.