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Resources: Life on an FBI Cyber Squad

Life on an FBI Cyber Squad Event Recording

Career Paths

Special Agent

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), our Special Agents bring their skills, talents, hearts and integrity to their crucial roles - getting ahead of threats, upholding the law, defending civil rights and civil liberties and protecting innocent people.
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Intelligence Analyst

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Intelligence Analysts have distinctive and rewarding careers, working closely with Special Agents, other FBI employees and the Intelligence Community to consolidate valuable information into strategic, analytical intelligence. Their work serves as the agency’s first line of defense in identifying and understanding threats, security gaps and vulnerabilities.
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Technical Talent

Around the clock and around the world, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) relies on its team of Computer Scientists, Computer Engineers, Data Analysts and Scientists, IT Specialists and Network Administrators (collectively known as Technical Talent) to keep the agency’s systems running in order to secure American secrets, infrastructure, finances and lives.
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A great resource to start looking for jobs at the FBI is There are year-round openings for various positions. Our collegiate hiring initiative which is a program for graduating undergraduate and graduate students to apply for a job during their senior year has an open application period for the month of September. Our next open application period for our college honors intern program will be August of 2021. The hiring process with the FBI is a lengthy process since all FBI employees are required to have Top Secret clearance. On average the hiring process takes about 9 months.

There are many different positions on a cyber squad like the special agent, computer scientist, and intelligence analyst positions. Each position has its own set of requirements. Please search on for these different position types to get a complete listing of their qualifications.

In general, the FBI provides a great work/life balance. However, there are certain times when an operation will necessitate working long hours and weekends, like responding to a mass casualty case like the Boston Marathon bombing.

Depending on your career track: special agent, intelligence analyst, or professional support, there are different paths to take for career advancement, but all career tracks offer advancement opportunities. The FBI’s large geographic footprint with 56 domestic field offices and over 60 international legal attaché locations coupled with the wide range of programs that we cover from cyber to DNA analysis, provides for many opportunities for travel and unique assignments.

Training opportunities are also provided for employees throughout their career at the FBI.

Cyber squads can work a wide range of cases from large criminal ransomware attacks to nation state intrusions. Members of cyber squads have the opportunity to try out for a position on the Cyber Action Team (CAT). CAT is the FBI’s premier cyber intrusion investigative rapid-response fly team capable of deploying within 24 hours notification to surge investigative expertise to the site of a cyber intrusion or other major incident.

#SPACyber: Policy Studies in Cybersecurity

#SPACyber is a practitioner informed, research driven hub of cyber curriculum, thought leadership, and engagement.

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