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Politics and the Humanities

Politics and the Humanities

Politics and the Humanities is a podcast hosted by Tom Merrill (Government) and Sarah Marsh (Literature) on books, ideas, and liberal education. We discuss books we are reading with our students and new books by interesting authors, and we often have guests.

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Episode 13
Melvin Rogers and Jack Turner on African American Political Thought

Episode 13 Transcript

Episode 12
Amna Khalid on How Not to Teach Anti-Racism

Episode 12 Transcript

Episode 11
Michael Grenke on van Boxel's Warspeak and Nietzsche

Episode 11 Transcript

Episode 10
Leon Kass on Exodus and Liberal Education

Episode 10 Transcript

Episode 9
The Fire is Upon Us: Nick Buccola on Baldwin, Buckley, and the Debate over Race in America

Episode 9 Transcript

Episode 8
Great Books and the Left

Episode 8 Transcript

Episode 7
What the 1619 Project Got Wrong, and Right

Episode 7 Podcast

Episode 6
Borden Flanagan on Thucydides and the Plague

Episode 6 Transcript

Episode 5
Ross Douthat--Do the Humanities Have a Future?

Episode 5 Transcript

Episode 4
Aristophanes: Obscene Conservative, with Paul Ludwig

Episode 3
Self-Deception in Pride and Prejudice

Episode 2
John McGowan on Mill's On Liberty

Episode 1
Can the Humanities Survive?

Episode 1 Transcript