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Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research


  1. Dave Marcotte

    Dave Marcotte, Professor

    SPA - Public Admin and Policy

    Dave E. Marcotte is Professor in the Dept. of Public Administration and Policy and Director of the Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research. His recent research focuses on determinants of achievement in K-12 education; the importance of cost … More

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  1. Colette Abichaker

    Colette Abichaker, Grants Coordinator

    SPA - School of Public Affairs

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    (202) 885-6557

  2. Rachel Trello

    Rachel Trello, Program Specialist

    SPA - School of Public Affairs

    Rachel joined WIPAR in the summer of 2013 and serves as the department's program coordinator. In this role, she is responsible for assisting faculty in their search for funding and promoting existing faculty research by hosting research related event… More

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    (202) 885-6454