Alexandra Weinroth WeLead Class of 2018-2019

Alexandra Weinroth headshot

Alexandra Weinroth
Communications Director & Speechwriter
U.S. House of Representatives

Alexandra ‘Ali’ Weinroth is an experienced communications strategist and political operative focused on building innovative and relatable messaging and campaigns. She is dedicated to pushing for progress on critical issues and electing Democrats up and down the ballot. She currently serves as the Communications Director and Speechwriter for the House Budget Committee (Democrats), where she drives strategy and successfully conveys the importance and impact of complicated and high-level budget and appropriations issues.

Before joining the Budget Committee, Weinroth was Press Secretary for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which helps recruit, train, and support local Democrats running for state legislative office.   In 2014, she worked as a Field Organizer on a closely watched “Red to Blue” congressional race, successfully recruiting and leading teams of volunteers while increasing voter turnout in her assigned turf.

Of her WeLead experience, she noted: "I recently got a call asking me to manage the campaigns of three women running for local office in my hometown. Thanks to my recent participation in WeLead, I had the confidence, training, and support network to say 'yes!' I flipped through my session notes and got to work building a fundraising plan, crafting messaging, organizing a strong team, and setting short and long-term campaign goals. I am proud to say that we won all three races and elected our town’s first women-majority to the Township Board of Supervisors. WeLead armed me with the tools and knowledge to help narrow the gender gap in political leadership."

 A Pennsylvania native, Weinroth earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Music from Tulane University.

She last spoke to WeLead at the September 2020 training session.