Alixandria Lapp

Ali Lapp Headshot

Alixandria Lapp, Democratic Strategist

Ali Lapp founded the House Majority PAC in April 2011 to use innovative new approaches alongside time-tested strategies to answer the barrage of GOP outside spending that was drowning out Democratic candidates.  During the 2012 cycle, House Majority PAC spent $36 million, amassing a record that independent observers called “impressive” and “winning.”  The Democrats won in 63 percent of the races in which House Majority PAC spent a significant sum.  During the 2014 cycle, House Majority PAC spent $38 million and focused on leveraging resources and strategic investments to assist Democrats in winning 11 of 12 races that were “too close to call” on Election night.  After a challenging mid-term, House Majority PAC redoubled its efforts in 2016.  The group was touted by pundits as the “go-to Democratic group for House races,” raising a record $56 million for the cycle and playing an “instrumental” role in picking-up six House seats and re-electing incumbents in tough races.  In 2018 House Majority PAC helped coordinate with a number of outside groups to strategically invest over $220 million in crucial races from coast to coast.  These efforts allowed Democrats to outspend its Republican counterparts in key races from Labor Day until Election Day.  Looking ahead to 2020, HMP is looking to defend and expand this new Democratic majority. She also is a co-host of the podcast, House Talk with Ali and Liesl.

Ali spoke at the November 2019 Fundraising training session.