Atima Omara

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Atima Omara, Omara Strategy Group, LLC

Atima Omara is an award-winning political strategist, advocate, writer and speaker who has spent 15 years engaging youth, women, and people of color in the political process and related progressive causes. She is the founder and president of Omara Strategy Group — a D.C. metro based progressive consulting firm supporting candidates and organizations that share her goal of achieving a more reflective democracy for women, people of color, and LGBTQ communities.  She focuses on helping clients create winning political campaigns and build stronger advocacy organizations for their communities.

Previously, Omara served as the vice president of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, a research-based advocacy reproductive health and rights non-profit organization. Prior to that, Omara was elected and served from 2013-15 as the President of the Young Democrats of America, the nation’s largest partisan youth membership organization. She was the organization’s first African American and fifth woman to serve as President in its 86 year history.

Omara has more than a decade of political experience, which includes working for former Virginia Governor Mark Warner as well as serving as campaign staff on more than nine federal, state, and local Democratic campaigns in battleground states across the country. She has also successfully led grassroots advocacy campaigns with labor unions and community organizations where she focused among many things on voter registration, get out the vote, and ballot initiatives in low to moderate income communities of color. Omara's multi-faceted political experience includes campaign management, field organizing, fundraising, and paid communications for coordinated campaigns and independent expenditures. In 2014, Omara ran for a seat in the Virginia General Assembly.

Omara is a graduate of Women’s Campaign School at Yale and Wellstone Camp and she is now a national trainer for Vote Run Lead which is the largest and most diverse training for women in politics in the country. Omara earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Management from George Mason University.

Omara spoke at the November 2018 Grassroots Mobilization and the Role of Lobbying in Politics training session.