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  • AU Library Green Team

    Increasing the Green Behind the Scenes at the AU Library

    Library personnel work hard behind the scenes to reduce the carbon footprint of our work—and to encourage eco-conscious behavior in our visitors and employees.
    April 18, 2014

  • 24/7 hours

    Hunker Down for Finals!

    With finals just around the corner, the library will once again be offering 24/7 hours. Having all night access to study space, computers, library materials, and group work areas makes end of the semester workload a little bit easier to manage.
    April 18, 2014

  • 5 Cool Research Tools

    5 Cool Research Tools

    The AU Library wants to make your research easier and more rewarding. Here are five of the terrific tools that we offer to make your academic life a little simpler.
    April 11, 2014

  • Music Library

    See What We Have to Offer at the Music Library

    The AU Music Library is home to a range of materials and services available to all students. With a collection that includes musicals on DVD; over 10,000 CDs; scores; and music magazines, we have something for everyone.
    April 8, 2014

  • Gaming with a Purpose Event

    AU Alumni and Friends Meet Up for Fun, Games, and Scholarship

    Library friends and donors enhanced our Game Design & Persuasive Play collection at our recent Gaming with a Purpose fundraising event. This new collection will support the new MA in Game Design & Persuasive Play’s program in the School of Communication.
    April 2, 2014

  • Symposium on Language & Endangered Alphabets

    Not Just Words: Symposium on Language & Endangered Alphabets

    Languages and alphabets are not just historical artifacts—they also shape our cultures and perceptions of the world. This symposium will explore the importance of language and what happens when languages and writing systems die out.
    April 1, 2014