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EcoRep Program

Student Sustainability Outreach Program

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Are you passionate about protecting the environment? Looking to gain experience related to sustainability? Want to help make a difference right now? Become an EcoRep with American University's Office of Sustainability! 

EcoReps are energetic, passionate undergraduate students who volunteer approximately two (2) hours of their time each week to promote sustainability and inspire personal behavior change among students, faculty, and staff. 

What EcoReps Do

The EcoRep Program provides students with opportunities to gain leadership experience and outreach skills while engaging with the AU community. EcoReps assist with activities that include: 

  • Staffing in-person outreach events to educate students about sustainability and promote the EcoPledge Program. 
  • Promoting recycling and compost on campus and assisting with monitoring bins for contamination.
  • Distributing sustainability information through social media and other channels.
  • Assisting with waste sorting in the Terrace Dining Room and during campus events.

Benefits and Opportunities

As an EcoRep, you will recieve: 

  • Relevant experience that can be included on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. 
  • Opportunities to build relationships with other EcoReps and Office of Sustainability staff.  
  • Training in sustainability topics such as zero waste, carbon neutrality, and energy efficiency, as well as strategies for engaging peers effectively.
  • Professional development and learning opportunities throughout the academic year.
  • An Office of Sustainability t-shirt. 

Commit & Certify

Commit to taking at least 10 sustainable actions, become certified, and earn prizes.

Take the EcoPledge

Coming Soon: EcoPledge Program

Commit to taking sustainable action on campus and earn prizes!

EcoRep Outreach Event

Volunteer with the EcoRep Program

Get involved with the Office of Sustainability and encourage your peers to take action.

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