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Green Office Resources

American University is proud to be a national leader in sustainability. By creating a culture of sustainability in the workplace, you and your coworkers can help American University strive toward its sustainability goals while encouraging the community to make positive lifestyle changes.

100% of AU’s electricity comes from a renewable source. However, we still have a goal to reduce electricity use to further limit our impact on the planet. By making small changes in your office, such as turning off lights, unplugging your devices, or purchasing energy saving devices, you can be more green.

  • American University Green Buildings: Ever wonder where the energy that powers your building comes from? Read about American University’s Green Buildings.
  • Holiday Energy Shut Down Checklist: Participate in the Holiday Energy Shut Down over winter break to conserve energy while you're away from the office.

  • Worksheet: Calculate your office energy use to raise awareness about how much you are using and how much you can reduce.
  • ENERGY STAR List of Certified Products: Purchase ENERGY STAR certified products for your office to reduce the amount of energy that your office uses.

It is important to practice environmental sustainability, but we also should prioritize personal sustainability. Several small and easy changes can make a large difference in the health and wellbeing of your office.  

  • AhealthyU: Contact AhealthyU to sign up for their newsletter, which includes tips for living a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Learn about American University's Green Cleaning Policy to support the health of your office team and our custodial staff. 

Food production requires energy and resources. 40% of food that is produced in the United States is wasted. To minimize the impact of food production, focus on purchasing sustainably grown foods and only buying foods you know you will eat.

  • Sustainable Dining: Minimizing waste, sourcing responsibly, and conserving energy are just some of the ways that American University incorporates sustainability into the dining experience.

AU is committed to eliminating single-use plastics. Learn how to reduce plastic use in your office by exploring the links below. 

Sustainable purchasing is an important matter for all businesses. Actions such as purchasing office supplies in bulk and only buying sustainable appliances can help save money and reduce waste, thus helping the environment and saving money. Sustainable purchases are made of reusable, recycled, or low-impact materials and come from socially responsible businesses.

The way you and your coworkers get to and from work can impact the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. By reducing the amount of single-occupancy vehicles, you can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of driving to work on your own, consider trying out D.C.’s public transportation options, biking, or carpooling.

Your office plays a key role in helping American University achieve Zero Waste. Learn about zero waste strategies, such as how to host a green event and how to sort waste.

Water is the most precious commodity on earth. Encourage your office to reduce water use and stop leaks.

  • 2Fix Customer Response Center: If you find a leaky sink or toilet in your office, report to 2Fix to get it fixed. 

Become a Certified Green Office

Contribute to achieving the university's sustainability goals by adopting sustainable practices in your office.

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