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Applying Test-Optional to AU

Don't think your test scores are representative of who you are as an applicant? Consider applying test optional! 

How do I apply test optional to AU?

Prospective students may apply to American University through any of our decision plans—Early Action, Early Decision I and II, or Regular Decision—without submitting standardized test scores. While tests help to predict your potential for success in college, your academic performance in the classroom is the most important factor in our review of your application. We also consider qualitative factors, such as your essay, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities. Leer en español.

Please note that applying to American University without submitting your standardized test scores will not affect your consideration for merit awards or admission to the AU Honors Program.

If you will be graduating from a secondary school located outside the United States, please note that neither the SAT or ACT is required for admission. Please see Getting Started for more information.

Students graduating from a secondary school within the United States who do not wish to submit standardized test scores as a part of their application may do so provided they choose the "No, do not consider my SAT/ACT score for admission to AU" when responding to the "Preferred testing plan" question on General section of the Common Application or Coalition Application.

Please Note: If on your submitted Common Application or Coalition Application you indicated a preferred testing plan and now must reverse your decision, please contact your admissions representative to adjust your testing plan on your application.