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The following is a listing of information that American University is required to provide to current and prospective students, faculty, and staff for their review. The list provides links that disclose specific information that is in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, as well as the Code of Federal Regulations 668.41-48 and its implementing regulations.


Accreditation & Licensure

Act of Congress chartering American University

American University accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education:

School, Department, and Program Accreditation

Additional Resources from the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Campus Security Report

Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid for Current Undergraduate Students

Financial Aid for Current Graduate Students

Athletic Program Participation and Financial Support

Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes - Search "American University"

Student-Athlete Participation Data - See "Participants"

Student-Athlete Financial Aid - See "Revenues and Expenses"

Student Outcomes

Retention and Graduation Rates

American University Outcomes and Statistics

We Know Success: Where AU Grads Land

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FAQs about student conduct and privacy rights

Confidentiality of Student Records Policy

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Student Policy

Personnel Policy - See page 72

Title IX