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Meet our AU Diplomats

Our international and US Global Nomad students come from all over the world to attend American University (AU) in Washington, DC! Read more about their first impressions of AU.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, you are welcome here at American University. #YouAreWelcomeHere

American University is very diverse, every time you turn a corner someone is speaking a different language. The university stands for diversity and inclusivity. Students are very focused on academics and are very aware of current issues. The voices of the students are genuinely taken into account. All the professors are experts in their fields as well as amazing human beings. Being in D.C. opens the door to so many opportunities.

My first impression of the student life here in AU was that it was really welcoming, open, inclusive, and full of activities since day one. I was well received on campus, not only by the faculty but also by the other new students who were really approachable. For me, it is important to find a sense of belonging, and I felt I found it here. I thought there was a lot to do and choose from.

I think that the best aspect of being a student at American University is being able to have access to all the resources the city and school have to offer. Additionally, at AU I have the chance to explore all my interests whereas back in Italy you don't have the same freedom. Once you choose a major you are required to take classes that strictly relate to it, and if you realize that the major you choose doesn't fit your expectations, it is very difficult to transfer saving credits.

All around, my heart was warmed by the sheer positivity I felt upon my arrival. AU's student life consists of a community that promotes learning, growth, and kindness. I think that's the most cliche thing I've ever written... but that doesn't make it less true!

My first impression of AU was one of finally having found where I belong. After a stressing year in high school figuring out where to go I knew the day I came to AU that U had found the one. Everyone here is very helpful, inclusive and can make your day better. Since day one I felt part of something great and I am confident that I will be able to do great things being part of the AU family.

Everyone is very friendly and willing to help you. The AU environment is unique, not only to become a well-rounded individual but also a multi-tasking student.

The first day I stepped onto AU's campus, it felt like home already. It felt like a place full of opportunities and the ideal place for me to grow as a person surrounded by supportive faculty and peers. It was warm and welcoming and I was instantly glad to have chosen AU!

The AU community is passionate and full of zeal; their interests are versatile and everyone has a certain purpose which is extremely inspiring to be surrounded by. I love how caring the faculty is, everyone is accessible; from the staff to the professors. Everyone wants you to feel at home, and eventually, you do.

The campus is amazing, classes are super interesting and professors are always there for you. You won’t believe how good college life is... AU makes me feel like home and I’m super happy and proud to be here!

When I first got to AU, it was difficult finding my place on campus. Coming from a relatively homogenous society, I at first experienced culture shock. With time, I started making friends both inside and outside of my classes. I also started to explore DC, sometimes on my own and sometimes with friends, and soon enough, I felt at home. One thing I've come to love about AU is that there are so many opportunities for people to be unapologetically themselves.

During the first few days at AU I was a bit overwhelmed and surprised from the transition. Beginning a new life--the college life--in a different country surely was challenging. Nevertheless, it took me just a week to get used to it. Everyone was very friendly and I always had someone to guide and support me through any difficulty. Overall, college life continues to amaze me on a daily basis through the people I meet and the experiences I encounter.

When I came to American University my first impression was that it was a welcoming, open and diverse environment. The first day, I was received by students and staff, which felt extremely welcoming. Since AU is so diverse, every student has a unique story to tell, and every thought and idea is appreciated. For me, it was important to create a sense of belonging and I'm glad to say I have found it here!

AU feels like home, thanks to the beautiful campus, lasting friendships, and the professors who are supporting you to achieve personal and academic success. What I love about our school is that there is always a place for everyone to fit in despite your background. You are given so many opportunities to make the most out of your college experience that you can't take for granted. AU gives you the advantage of living in a truly international city with many networking opportunities, amazing nightlife as well as a diverse culture that makes up Washington, DC.

Starting my life at AU in the online learning environment as a freshman in SIS, I was concerned about how I would be able to integrate myself into the AU community coming from a different country, culture and world-view. To my pleasant surprise, the transition has been seamless, and the opportunities to interact and integrate with my peers online, endless! I now stand to learn so much from my peers and in such a unique position, I felt like I wanted to become a representative for this diverse community, and let people from all backgrounds know the message of the AU Diplomats – You are welcome here!

AU was a very different and eye-opening experience since I was completely new to the United States. Thankfully, AU has a very welcoming environment which allowed to easily settle in and become friends with many people on my floor. Kogod, in particular, allowed me to find people who have a similar business mindset to me and really helped me realize that AU is the perfect place to prepare me for business.

People at AU are genuine, passionate, and hardworking. Both on and off campus, there is always something to do and there are endless opportunities to further develop your interests, skills, and find new passions along the way. As an AU Diplomat, I have the opportunity to meet even more international students with backgrounds and interests from all over the globe. AU has exceeded my expectations and I am excited for what's to come.

AU is welcoming and inclusive. Overall it is a really friendly place with a palpable sense of community.

When I first arrived at AU, the first thing I noticed was the vast differences yet similarities in cultures. I met 4 people from 4 different continents during the first two days of moving in. And I noticed that almost all of them were very interested in joining clubs and putting themselves out there already. I also noticed many sophomores, juniors, and seniors that were doing the same and also enjoying moments with friends at the quad. People are so open to sharing their experiences at AU that it really makes you feel at home knowing people can relate to some of the things on your mind.

AU fosters a comfortable environment for students to expand their passions. You're always encouraged to take the challenge of something new, and the school makes sure to provide you with the proper instructions.

I just began my first semester at AU this fall 2020 in an online environment. I’m in the Kogod School of Business. I decided to become an AU Diplomat because I believe that this group helped me make my final college decision and be more comfortable about AU. I now want to help other international students who are going to be in the same position as I was!

With the city at our fingertips, people are always making time to go on adventures to the national mall, museums, restaurants, and other unique aspects of the city. AU students are politically active and open-minded individuals who I'm lucky enough to call my peers!

I'm happy to say that as soon as I arrived at AU, I felt at home. The sense of community and the warm outgoing nature of people at AU has made the transition into college life so much easier for me.

Everyone is so welcoming and there are so many different opportunities and events on campus that allow you to truly submerge yourself into the community here and find someone to call a friend and connect with! At AU, you are able to truly find yourself and begin your own path, surrounding my millions of wonderful opportunities, great people, and an inclusive campus.

My first impression of AU was ‘Is this the school? Or is this a park?? I immediately knew I had found my school.

Student life here at AU is very busy. Students are constantly involved in extracurricular activities and challenging themselves to try new things. Here at AU, I was able to find a warm welcoming community that supports and encourages me.

I was a bit nervous to start my first semester this fall 2020 in an online environment. Even though I had finished high school in New York, I was in a French school, immersed in a French environment. I wondered if I would be able to transition to an all-U.S. curriculum and culture, and integrate easily into AU’s community.

Once I applied, I began receiving emails welcoming me to AU and telling me about the many opportunities to interact with peers around the world. I felt reassured and at home at AU. I decided to become an AU Diplomat to help future internationals feel welcome no matter where they are from.