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How do I accept my spot on the waitlist?

Thank you for your interest in American University (AU). The Admissions Committee took a great deal of time and care in reviewing your application. We received nearly 19,000 applications for 1,760 spaces in our incoming freshmen class. This number of applications, along with the extraordinary talent level of the students in the applicant pool, resulted in a very rigorous level of competition. As such, we would like to offer you a spot on our waitlist as we are unable to offer you admission at this time.

While we know this is not the decision you desired, it is our hope that you see this as an acknowledgment of your achievements in a very competitive process. We see great potential in the academic and extracurricular credentials you have provided. Given the limited number of seats in our freshman class, however, we must turn away a number of talented students every year.

To accept a spot on our waitlist, you must complete and submit the Waitlist Acceptance form as soon as possible, but no later than May 1, 2019. We encourage you to use this opportunity to explain to the Admissions Committee why you want to be on our campus this fall.

If you choose to accept a spot on our waitlist, you grant the Admissions Office permission to contact you with an offer of admission should space become available in the freshman class. Please be aware, however, that there exists no guarantee that space will become available, nor is there any guarantee that students who accept a spot on the waitlist will eventually be offered admission. The Admissions Office will make every effort to inform waitlisted students of availability prior to May 15.

You must formally accept a spot on the waitlist in order to be considered for admission if space becomes available. If you do not accept your placement on the waitlist by May 1, we will assume you are not interested in the possibility of admission for the fall.

Thank you again for your interest in American University.


Waitlist Acceptance Form

2019 Waitlist Acceptance Form